Cyprus: the Ideal Location For Your Vows of Love

Many people fall in love in Cyprus, some come to the island to get married and others travel from wide and far to renew their vows. Romance is definitely in the air on the island of love, the birthplace of Aphrodite, the Goddess of love and beauty.

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life and it is a day you will want to remember forever. So what better way than to arrange a destination wedding on an island that will make you feel as if its waves are moving to the rhythms of a wedding march just for you.

Anyone who has ever gotten married will tell you how much time and effort goes into planning the big day, but when you choose Cyprus as the place to start your new journey, you will fall in love with the process of getting there. Just like the poet Constantinos Cavafy said in his poem Ithaka ‘as you set out for Ithaka, hope the voyage is a long one.’ Your Ithaka is your wedding day and your journey is the planning process, which will become so much easier with the help of the wedding packages that the island has to offer.

There are lots of things to think about through, even if you do go with a local wedding planner, and these are the essentials to consider for a perfect island wedding package.

The Ceremony – whether you choose to have a civil marriage or a church wedding, the island will open itself up to make your vows even more emotional. The traditional villages, decorating the mountain range of the island, give any ceremony a feeling of endless love. For a ceremony fit for kings and queens, pick one of the island’s Medieval castles and for a more modern feel, numerous hotels throughout the island accommodate all your wedding needs. If your wedding is taking place during the summer months, take advantage of the natural beauty of Cyprus, and say your I dos on the beach while the sun sets.

The Reception – if your partnership will begin in a hotel, then you won’t have to look much further for a reception area. Most hotels also provide the perfect circumstances for a wedding reception, including great food and a party atmosphere. For those of you who are looking for something a little more different, the island’s restaurants and event venues, will give your guests something extra to tell their friends back home about.

The Photographs – your wedding photos won’t be just photos from your holidays, they will be part of your new family history. Book one of the many professional photographers on the island and see how they will turn your wedding photos into pieces of art.

The Music – you can’t have a party without music. Ask your reception area if they also provide the music, if not don’t worry, there are plenty of DJs, musicians and bands that will keep your guests entertained until the early morning hours.