Learning in the Sun: your next conference in Cyprus

The best thing about a business trip abroad is that you can escape your daily routine and also squeeze in a little bit of pleasure. Cyprus’ warm weather, hospitable nature and solid business sense are only some of the perks of learning in the sun. Then there is the location. It is the perfect meeting point for participants from anywhere in Europe, the Middle east and Africa. There is more. The island’s large number of business-class hotels provide the perfect setting for conferences, seminars and other business events. These hotels make sure every business need is met with their specially designed rooms, the latest in conference equipment and staff who will make sure everything runs smoothly. Convenient accommodation for everyone involved completes the package. Smaller business events, gala dinners, opening ceremonies and events whose themes fit the business needs can be held at smaller venues throughout the island.

If your business objective is to hold a business event that will inspire all those involved to implement their newly found knowledge as soon as they get back home but you don’t know how to start the planning process, the Cyprus Convention Bureau will assist you in all your conference needs. Take a look at the support programme that the Bureau has in place at  http://bit.ly/2EA2Us4. The programme includes grants, promotional material, applications to use different Archaeological Sites – including the ancient Kourion Theatre and the Medieval Manor at Aphrodite’s Temple – and lists of destination management companies and hotels which you can choose from.

It’s not all about business. The island provides a number of activities to fulfil the pleasure part of a business trip in the sun. Other than enjoying one of the island’s many beaches and having a go at some water sports, you can take a tour of the island and get to know the local culture and traditions. There is probably no better way to get to know a country than by sampling its food, and Cyprus cooks up some of the richest and flavourful dishes in the world. You can also get to know the spirit of the island better by going on one of the seven wine routes. After a few wines you might want to take relaxation to the next level by taking advantage of the island’s spas. For the more adventurous types, the mountain range offers some exciting cycling routes and hiking, during which you will see just how breath-taking Cyprus is from up high.

A business team that learns together and bonds over a magical adventure, that only Cyprus can offer, will surely succeed together. Once you get back home, the team-spirit build over your trip will inspire innovation and solid work ethic.