Wellness in Abundance

Sunshine and relaxation is good for the soul and mind, but add in a few trips to the spa and some aroma therapy and you have yourself the complete wellness package. The island of Aphrodite will make you fall in love with the concept of eternal youth and healthy living, once you open yourself up to experiencing a recuperating and wellness holiday.

Treat yourself to luxurious spa treatments, holistic therapies and beauty treatments, all while focusing on your own wellbeing. When booking your holiday, you will find that most hotels have the perfect package for a wellness holiday. If they don’t have everything you are looking for, a nearby health centre will. Apart from making sure you only have your mind on relaxation by providing immaculate accommodation and very helpful staff, local hotels make your wellness their ultimate goal. Most are facilitated with indoor and outdoor pools, saunas, steam rooms, hammams, gyms and fitness studios for any fitness requirements, treatment rooms and certain packages to make you feel younger and more alive.

Wellness also comes in many other forms on the island. Cyprus’ perfect climate is what will take your holiday to a whole different health level. Then there are the healthy attributes of the Mediterranean diet, its cycling and walking routes, its water sports and the chance to swim in the sea, which is said to be one of the most important factors to the healthy living of the locals.

The island is also a very popular spot for healthcare needs. The island offers a number of modern private hospitals and clinics, which employ experienced and highly-qualified doctors and nurses. A trip to Cyprus for medical reasons also allows you to soak-up the island sun and breathe some fresh air. The Mediterranean diet and the hospitable bed-side manner of medical staff will make sure your mind, body and soul are all equally taken care of. If you are worried about the language barrier, don’t be. Everyone speaks English and most medical employees have completed their studies in European countries, so they have picked up either Russian, German, French or other languages.

Cyprus is a short distance from anywhere in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. This means the journey to the island will be a relaxing one. Also the distances between cities are very short, allowing you to receive your medical treatment and also visit one of the many locations on the island that offer breath-taking scenery.

If you feel exhausted and a little lost, or if you need medical treatment in a place which will also put your mind at ease, escape your everyday worries and let the island take care of you.